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It has been to long

Hello everyone,
I have not been here for some time.. Alot has happened this last year to me.. Most good, some not.. I really wish I could figure out how to make my pages pretty.. I have always had a hard time with Html.. I am talking to a new man.. He seems really nice so far.. Hoping that will help... I have been depressed more than I like to be lately.. Bi-Polar is not a fun thing to deal with.. It is so true what they say.. It hurts physically.. Since I have a bad back, it does not help to put that on top of it...
I have been putting names on tags for people and yes, I am still in love with IM. (Incredible Mail for those that don't know what IM is... ) I hope this year is a great one, for all of you and me too.. I don't even know if anyone is following me or not...