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November 19th & We Have Snow

Hi everyone,
Yes, November 19th and it is snowing really hard outside.. It is so beautiful to watch the big flakes coming down.. It is 29 Degree's and windy.. I have to admit, I don't like going out in it.. It is really icy below the snow and I have already fallen once... Our driveway is a big steep road, and I was going to get the mail the other day.. Everything was going well, and I was almost to the mailbox and down I went.. Lol.. I feel on my left side, hit my tail bone first and then the small of my back and to the left hand.. So there I am, all fours up in the air, sliding to the road.... I know it had to be funny but I did not feel like laughing.. There were 3 guys working on the Apt. next to us and they all started laughing.. I got up and was trying to figure out if I was totaled.. The bruise on my elbow is gone now, but I still have one on my left butt cheek.. Hurts like heck to sit down.. Rof..
I am off to see my grand daughter do her Ballet Class.. She is just too cu…