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The crazy thing about Medical and your Doctor

Yes, it is true that I am climbing the ladder to the last part of my life... I want to the doctor on Friday the 13th.. Never ever had bad luck on this day.. Well, there is reason now to say, I do have bad luck... Anyway, while sitting in the room waiting for the doctor, I felt really funny, like I was in some kind of Fog, almost like I was high but that was not it... I could barely walk straight so sat back down.. My doc came in, by the way, he is the best doctor I have ever had.. He greeted me with his usual smile and said it was a pretty day.. He noticed that I had been crying and for some reason, since I lost my Dad, he feels like the next best thing...He wondered what was wrong.. I explained to him all these new points of soreness and pain were in the same places but now moving to other parts of body... My friend, was just diagnosed with what I have plus I have two friends online that are like my sisters.. Okay.... Here comes the outcome... He looked right at me, did some checks i…

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